Nicaragua… where is Nicaragua?

A question we have been asked many many times and still are asked. And that is ok because then we get to tell them of this diamond in the rough. Located between Honduras and Costa Rica. One of the countries in central america with highest biodiversity rank (6%of the world). One Of the safest countries in Central America. Nicaragua has been rated the safest country in Central America. INTERPOL, the United Nations, INCAE, the Inter-American Human Rights Institute and the Police Forces in the Americas are cited claiming that statistically, Nicaragua has the lowest crime rate in Central America and one of the second lowest in Latin America only to Uruguay. The largest of the Central American countries. A country of approximately 5 million people.

Home to the world’s 10th largest fresh water lake. Lake Nicaragua, the only lake
in the world that contains sharks and five other salt-water vertebrates.

Nicaragua Information in general has been difficult to obtain, until recently. – For all those who are looking for something truly different and natural, Nicaragua is an ideal destination, unique and Original.

Nicaragua is full of incredible vistas. There are unexplored mountains, picturesque lakes, fabulous rivers, lush valleys, magic lagoons, mangrove swamps, and immense swatches of pristine jungles brimming with wildlife. Nicaragua even has around 21 volcanoes to explore. These are all a testament to the country’s biodiversity, a natural paradise.

Located in the heart of Central America, Nicaragua is the largest Central American country. Nicaragua information shows it is the most sparsely populated country among the Central American nations. A country a little bigger than New York State. Nicaragua is bounded by Honduras in the north, Costa Rica in the south, North Pacific Ocean in the west, and Caribbean Sea in the east. The place lays claim to the region’s two largest lake – Lake Nicaragua (10th largest lake in the world and 2nd largest lake in Latinoamerica) and Lake Managua. The lakes are joined by the winding Tipitapa River.

The Pacific beaches of Nicaragua are unspoiled and are a perfect spot for surfers. Another point of attraction is the tropical islands. The country also has several archaeological treasures, old colonial towns, natural wonders, and amazing cultural manifestations. There are several shopping centers in Nicaragua and the markets offer high quality arts and crafts, especially wood carvings, ceramics, basketwork, and hammocks.

Nicaragua information reveals the country is one of the least explored, with tourism in the country still in its infancy. However, the scene has changed the last few years and more and more people are now attracted to Nicaragua.

Tourists can enjoy a safe stay in the country by sticking into their pre-arranged travel packages. And for the most adventurous traveler, Nicaragua has a lot to offer and is certain to become more popular in the coming years. And it is also becoming Retired people favorite´s place.