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A question we have been asked many many times and still are asked. And that is ok because then we get to tell them of this diamond in the rough. Located between Honduras and Costa Rica. One of the countries in central america with highest biodiversity rank (6%of the world). One Of the safest countries in Central America. Nicaragua has been rated the safest country in Central America. INTERPOL, the United Nations, INCAE, the Inter-American Human Rights Institute and the Police Forces in the Americas are cited claiming that statistically, Nicaragua has the lowest crime rate in Central America and one of the second lowest in Latin America only to Uruguay. The largest of the Central American countries. A country of approximately 5 million people.

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There are unexplored mountains, picturesque lakes, fabulous rivers,, magic lagoons, and immense swatches of pristine jungles brimming with wildlife. Stay in the country by sticking into your pre-arranged travel packages.