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We enter a new year and decade as a stronger and more focused company. A company with huge potential to make a difference at a time when our customers need what we have to offer more than ever, when the time will be the perfect one for each one to travel, vaccines are emerging a positive effect and we feel you will be again with us any time soon. Tours, Transportation in Nicaragua and Costa Rica, hotel bookings, Home Rentals and all the services MACUA TOURS has been offering during 14+ years are on continuous improvement to protect you and we are ready to show you how, with the lesson learned during this pandemic.
As I write this letter, the COVID-19 pandemic is expanding around the world. I am proud of the way our team has stepped up to help control the spread of this virus following all the necessary guidelines given by the World Tourism Organization. As circumstances continue to evolve, I am confident in our ability to help our customers and our commercial partners successfully manage through the coronavirus pandemic. Coronavirus is today’s issue, and we know there will be new problems to solve in the future. The world will continue to change and so will we, finding better ways to do our work, developing new capabilities and helping our customers thrive through what is sure to be a dynamic decade. We’ll stay true to our core business principles as we move into the future, investing in our future while delivering for our customers and our communities. I’m looking forward to all that we will accomplish in the decade ahead. Happy 2021, healthy and a Blessed New Year from Macuá Tours Team! Cheers!
Edwin Ruiz
Owner – Operations Manager

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We can assure you that your decision to employ our services will be one you will not regret. We create unforgettable experiences “one of a kind”, unique, original!

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There are unexplored mountains, picturesque lakes, fabulous rivers,, magic lagoons, and immense swatches of pristine jungles brimming with wildlife. Stay in the country by sticking into your pre-arranged travel packages.